Donald Trump successfully surrounded himself with complicit criminals who did their jobs for him in his impeachment trial. They helped him hide evidence of his guilt, and the corrupt Senate took the opportunity and ran, voting against witnesses and additional documents. Now that the whole thing is effectively over, CNN is reporting that dozens of emails exist that detail the freeze on Ukraine aid, and Trump’s role in the freeze. You can likely guess who’s behind holding these emails: Trump’s DOJ.

The House earlier subpoenaed these documents, which was ignored. The Center for Public Integrity sued for the documents in December, and in a late filing after the Senate vote, the DOJ, responding to a January 31 deadline imposed by the court, acknowledged that it had the information requested by the court. As CNN details, this is an official acknowledgement by the Trump administration of its obstruction of Congress, not to mention its coverup of Trump’s bribery of Ukraine.

Similar to the ridiculous arguments of Trump’s legal team, OMB alleged to the court that the emails should remain confidential because they “describe communications by either the President, the Vice President, or the President’s immediate advisors” about their coverup of Trump’s illegal hold on Ukraine aid. The problem with these arguments is that while this information might well be considered confidential, all of this was done with bad intentions. There was no risk to national security—other than in Trump’s feeble mind—and there was no impending threat or other plausible reason for Trump to withhold this aid. He did it purely for selfish reasons that had nothing whatsoever to do with the country or the presidency. Shouldn’t this count for something? Apparently not on the Republican side of the planet. Indeed, it is to their benefit for Trump to cheat his way into another term, as they have all prospered mightily under his “leadership.”

Chuck Schumer told CNN: “Every single Republican Senator voted to endorse the White House cover-up of these potentially important truth-revealing emails. Make no mistake, the full truth will eventually come out and Republicans will have to answer for why they were so determined to enable the president to hide it.”

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