Donald Trump has apoplectic meltdown at CPAC, gives away that he thinks it’s over for him

Each year the most depraved of extremist conservatives gather at CPAC to congratulate each other on being the bottom rung of the human race, so naturally, the biggest event at CPAC this year was a speech from Donald Trump. He babbled on for more than two hours, mostly in incoherent fashion, but he gave something away in the process.

At various points today, Donald Trump was rambling about everything from how great Tivo is, to how renewable energy will supposedly cause your electricity to get cut off when the wind stops blowing. Trump was sweaty, exasperated, and at times outright manic. He sounded like a guy who thought he was going to prison if he didn’t manage to use this one speech to turn the whole thing around. Some of his comments in particular were particularly revealing.

For instance, Trump has now decided that when he got on stage at a 2016 debate and asked Russia to steal Hillary Clinton’s emails, he wasn’t committing treason, he was merely joking. What’s telling is that he’s addressing this at all. He clearly now fears that this moment and others like it will be used as supporting evidence in the criminal charges he’s going to face for having conspired with Russia to rig the election in his favor.

Just how scared is Donald Trump of the criminal charges that are mounting against him? At one point today, in particularly exasperated fashion, Trump lashed out at the Robert Mueller investigation as being “bullshit.” This is all Trump has left: whining to his base about how he’s the real victim of his lifetime of crime. But his base alone has never been big enough to save him. Once Trump has no one left but his base, he’ll be done.