The crack in the dam that’s going to drown Donald Trump

While we’re all freaking out and simmering in anger over the obstruction committed by the Republicans and the outright flouting of the law by the Trump administration, there are two things to keep your eye on. The first thing is a Trump rally in the panhandle of Florida. Our Dear Leader advocated shooting illegal immigrants. This is the exchange.

Trump asks the Florida crowd: “How do you stop these people” from crossing the border? “Shoot them!” an attendee shouts. Trump: “Only in the panhandle you can get away with that statement.” This is the natural continuation of genocide; a group of people laughing together about the dehumanization of another group. Promoting the idea of killing them and laughing about it is the way it’s done, folks. Don’t agree with me? Look up my credentials. This has got to stop. Your vote not only counts in politics, it also counts in stopping a potential genocide.

The other thing to keep in mind during this nightmare shitshow, is the Senate Intelligence Committee and the “bait and switch” going on there. Yes, Trump Jr. is subpoenaed to testify, and yes, Trump is losing his mind over it. But the result is, Trump Jr., if he appears at all, will lie and it will be a long *cluster flock* of process to prosecute him for it. But while Trump is having his temper tantrum over his son, watch the subpoena to the Department of Justice that went out for “all intelligence materials in the probe, the full report, and underlying evidence.”

This, folks, is the smoking gun. And Trump, being Attention Deficit Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is too focused on protecting his tax returns to understand the dynamite being lit right in front of him. Intelligence in the Mueller investigation didn’t just come from Mueller’s digging, or the CIA, or the NSA, et al. It came from intercepted phone calls and texts – signals intelligence – from our Five Eyes agreement with the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Mueller, in his report, certainly wanted to protect our nation’s sources of intelligence, so these were redacted, not named, or not placed in his report. But that info may have made it to a grand jury or two or twenty. It also is information that cannot be held back from the Senate through Executive Privilege. It’s not our nation’s sole intelligence.

This is going to be nuclear. Do you remember that Trump has refused to secure his cell phone? Do you recall that WhatsApp is encrypted, which these folks laughably thought meant was secure? And don’t forget all our NATO allies who share intelligence with us. This is a crack in the dam that’s going to drown Trump and the Republican Party forever. Wait for it.

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