Donald Trump’s Fourth of July stunt crashes and burns

The heavens are unloading on the MAGA parade and Trump is losing his mind because with that hair there’s no way he can give a speech in a thunderstorm. Not to mention RT, the Russian news channel, is laughing on their show about his puny tanks and their “peeling paint.” Pence has been having a mysterious time of it with unexplained disappearances. In short, everything is a Trumpian SNAFU.

We will have to hold our tempers, suffer indignities and cruelties, shrug off a lot of outrage. The immigrants at the border must be held in humane conditions and children must not be separated, end of discussion. That is where our anger and focus must be right now in real time. But slapping the above MAGA, no matter how much she deserves it, will not change that.

Protesting and calling our representatives will. So will voting. There are always going to be a percentage of vile people; amoral authoritarians like Trump attract them. The Mall crowd is toxic and maybe the severe thunderstorms they’ve chosen to sit under will wash away some of their filth.

In the end, the thing to remember is not the hideous MAGAs, but the empty seats and lack of enthusiasm for his 4th of July rally. It is going to be a wash and these people desperately need it. But the empty seats mean there were lots of MAGAs that skipped the whole thing. They are the fence-sitters and probably are as offended about what’s going on at the border as we are. Our patience will win these people over. These are the people worth fighting over. Stay firm and resolute. The empty spaces at his rally were hard won, and they are screaming that Trump is losing.

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