Donald Trump’s crazy train goes off the rails

It’s no exaggeration to say this is a bleak time in America – and not much more of an exaggeration to say that we’re getting a clear picture of where the path that gave us Donald Trump leads to. The problems we’re facing now are the direct result of who he is – a bigot and a vindictive narcissist who refuses to heed the advice of qualified experts. Shortly after taking office, Trump eliminated the White House office for global pandemics, after ignoring every effort from the outgoing Obama administration to warn him about possible outbreaks. He also eliminated the Justice Department’s federal oversight of state and local law enforcement.

Even worse, is how Trump is continuing to operate under the illusion that everything happening is perfectly normal. He’s leaving one demented rant after another on Twitter but he was doing that even when things seemed stable and the country wasn’t fully thrust into a crisis. By comparison, Joe Biden’s remarks from his home in Delaware showed a clear portrait of what leadership, even in dire times looks like.

“The original sin of this country still stains our nation today,” Biden said in his address, referring to over 400 years of systematic oppression and racism: “Black men, Black women, Black children” whose potential was “wiped out unnecessarily.” He revealed that he had spoken with the family of George Floyd and vowed to implement sweeping police reforms if elected president. In doing so, he recognized the much greater problem underneath the tragedy in Minneapolis, vowed to address it, and comforted the afflicted – things that Donald Trump never showed any interest in doing in the first place, even on his good days.

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