Crime of the century!

The Trump lawyers are doing their best to razzle dazzle ‘em. So many of them are connected to Harvard, that Harvard ought to be embarrassed and have its ranking lowered. The only good thing we can say about Dershowitz’s speech is that he did indeed keep his underwear on as he railed against the definition of abuse of power. Sekulow’s oily whine of “Poor President!” is enough to make one run to the toilet bowl.

Is this a dire national emergency threat? Is abuse of power too vague to prosecute? No. Because the one thing no one is pointing out in this powder keg is the fact that Donald Trump is EVERYONE’S President. It’s a horrible reality that most of us have had to wrestle with these last three years, but when Trump was elected to the highest office of this country, he became everyone’s President, whether you voted for him or not. Trump was sworn in to carry ALL our interests as Americans. His attempt to shake down Ukraine in order to throw the election in 2020 was a crime against the American people, and mostly to those who didn’t vote for him.

The definition of treason began as the crime of murdering someone to whom the murderer owed allegiance. Trump’s backstabbing of his Democratic and Independent constituents is the murder of our equality under the law. We are those to whom he owes an allegiance whether he and his conspirers like it or not.

Sekulow and his ilk can dance around the definitions of “abuse of power” and the words, “urgent”. They can reframe violations of law and the Constitution as mere differences of policy. But by betraying the half of the country that did not vote for him, by selling our vote down the river in Ukraine, by conspiring to throw the next election, Trump is a proven traitor. He is a murderer of his allegiance to all Americans and he needs to be removed. In the next election, whether you vote Democrat or Republican, remember this: The Right will throw an election even against another Republican. The Republican Party needs to be demolished and in its ashes, another party needs to be born, a party with ethics and morals.

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