Donald Trump’s whistleblower reference to “Crowdstrike” is the key to unraveling the entire Trump-Russia scandal

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows Trump & Co. are corrupt to the core. We now have the memo of the call between Trump and the Ukraine President Zelensky, and it’s clear Trump was seeking dirt on Biden. But the thing to really look at in the memo is Trump’s first words that focus on Crowdstrike. It’s a bombshell.

Crowdstrike is the cyber security firm that discovered the Russian hack into the DNC server. Of course, Trump was rambling incoherently, and even Crowdstrike says they were confused by the reference to themselves. But we believe it has to do with Trump trying to fulfill a request by Putin.

Trump says “. . . that whole (Crowdstrike) nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller, an incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine.“ This is referencing Russia’s interference in our election which Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate. “The server, they say Ukraine has it.” This reference to the server in Trump’s ramblings has sent journalists running to the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal, but we believe Trump is talking about something else here.

Trump is stupid and doesn’t know how things work, so if he’s referencing a server, he probably thinks somehow if he takes physical domain over the server equipment, he’ll have domain over all its information. In his mind, perhaps he wants to take over the server in Ukraine which Putin used to throw the election in order to hide evidence. Or perhaps he’s simply referencing the fact that a lot of Russian interference originated out of servers in Ukraine.

The thing to see here is that Trump is giving Zelensky a warning. He even warns Zelensky that he is surrounding himself with the same people, meaning those people who might leak information and sell Trump out when Putin interferes in our election again. Trump is trying to squelch any Ukrainian information on the next Russian interference in our election. If we have no evidence on Putin’s interference, then Trump will take his next win on the face of it and claim he was elected freely.

This entire exchange is chilling and will only get worse the more information comes out. If the memo is any indication of how Trump speaks to leaders on the record, then what he’s said to Putin in his private conversations must be hair-raising. Remember Trump’s last words to Zelensky with which he ended his first exchange on Crowdstrike: “Whatever you can do. It’s very important that you do it if that’s possible.” He’s not referencing dirt on Biden, he’s referencing shutting down any information coming out of Ukraine on Russia’s next meddling in our election. Trump is pressuring Zelensky to cover for Putin in 2020.

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