Donald Trump just cut and ran

Maybe it’s because the giant idiotic fence surrounding the White House is coming down. Maybe it’s because the food rations in the underground bunker aren’t up to his usual fast food standards. Or maybe it’s simply because he’s a lazy prick who can’t even pretend to be interested in doing the job.

Either way, with Donald Trump’s presidency falling apart by the hour, he just cut and ran. Trump couldn’t even stick around until the end of the week, instead flying out of Washington DC on Thursday night, and landing in New Jersey at around midnight. From the look of it, Trump appears to be planning to stay at his Bedminster golf property.

That’s right, with his poll numbers in freefall, the military turning against him, and the pandemic getting worse in dozens of states, Donald Trump is going golfing. With the way he’s cutting and running, you’d think he’s not even trying to win. This gives the rest of us an opportunity to put in the work required to defeat Trump, while he’s busy cheating at golf.

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