Today, Huffington Post told us something we, in our hearts, already knew: The GOP is ready to acquit “president” Donald Trump despite new evidence released from John Bolton’s book. We really aren’t surprised, are we? HuffPost, however, points out something that apparently Republican senators don’t remember history. Since their memories have been bad all along, this is also no surprise, but it could be good news.

In 1974, Republican senators voted to protect Nixon prior to the release of the Watergate tapes. As a result of that vote, Republicans took an old-fashioned beating in the next election. When asked whether he had any concerns about not hearing from Bolton given the information released from the manuscript, Tim Scott (R-SC) replied, “None.” Scott’s fellow South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham said that if they are forced to call Bolton, Republicans will demand to call the uninvolved witnesses Trump wants. “If you call John Bolton, we’re calling everybody,” Graham told HuffPost. The remaining Republicans and Democrats need to call Graham’s bluff. Joe and/or Hunter Biden won’t be called to testify one way or the other. Again, they are the victims of Trump’s nonsense. Calling them risks making things even worse for Trump, but you can’t tell these single-minded idiots that. Give it a shot, Lindsey, and watch it blow up in your face.

So far, we know that Trump told Bolton his real reason for holding up Ukraine’s aid. There is no plausible reason to not believe Bolton. Then, Lev Parnas released his audio tapes of Trump saying “take her out” about Marie Yovanovitch. Considering that neither Fruman nor Parnas was able to fire Yovanovitch, this sounds like a violent threat. Incidentally, Bolton warned the House Foreign Affairs Committee that it should “look into” Yovanovitch’s termination as it looked “suspect.” Eliot Engel, Democratic chair of that committee, said that Bolton spoke with him about the issue last year.

Let the Republicans continue their fools’ errand. They will pay for it in November. Then, we can begin the process of trying to repair our country from the damage inflicted by Trump’s “presidency” and his GOP lackeys. That will be a day of celebration and will benefit even those who refuse to see the damage that has been done.

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