The one dead giveaway about the Mueller report

We’re just a few hours from one of the most ridiculous press conferences in U.S. government history, and just a few more hours from the release of one of the most ridiculous redaction jobs in U.S. government history. We still don’t know what all we’re going to be looking at as this historically asinine day unfolds – but there is one dead giveaway about the Mueller report.

It’s now been the better part of a month since Donald Trump’s criminally corrupt Attorney General William Barr issued a four page “summary” of the Mueller report, which essentially claimed that Trump didn’t commit any crimes. We were apparently all supposed to take it at face value and move on from the Mueller probe. But that didn’t work, so it was on to Plan B, right?

If the Mueller report were in any way compatible with Barr’s summary, it would mean that Mueller spent two years finding nothing, and that he submitted four hundred pages documenting how Trump’s various actions weren’t crimes. In such case, William Barr’s Plan B would have simply consisted of quickly releasing the Mueller report. Sure, it would have been messier than the summary, but it still would have worked in Trump’s favor, right?

But Barr didn’t do that. Instead he’s sat on the Mueller report all this time, hoping the public and the media would lose interest, so he could toss it in the trash. That alone tells us that this report is absolutely devastating for Donald Trump, and that even the most cleaned-up version Barr has been able to manufacture is still fairly devastating for Trump. The fact that Barr has been stalling is a dead giveaway that this report is enough to destroy Donald Trump. We’ll see how much of it surfaces today, and how much of it we’ll have to continue fighting for.

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