House Republicans go completely off the deep end after Michael Cohen mops the floor with them

Have Republicans lost the ability to ask a question? They’ve grandstanded every time they’ve had the floor on the Michael Cohen testimony, but they don’t ask coherent questions and they don’t ask for any information that could conceivably exonerate Trump and his children.
When the law is behind you, argue the law. When the facts are behind you, argue the facts. When you have neither, attack the witness. They’re doing a good job there.

And speaking of the law, lawyers Jay Sekulow and Abbe Lowell have a lot to answer for. Cohen claimed that they briefed him on his false Congressional statements about Trump Moscow that he is now going to prison for. That’s gonna leave a mark. Another off-screen meltdown should be noted. “Mr. Cohen’s testimony is entirely untrue,” Stone wrote Wednesday in an emailed response to VICE News

Stone sent this statement in spite of the gag order issued by Judge Amy Berman Jackson last week, who said he cannot speak, “publicly about the investigation or the case or any of the participants in the investigation or the case. Period.” Somebody’s going to jail there too.

And now we learn that Michael Cohen’s other client is under investigation. Well, that would be Broidy or Hannity. Will there be enough room for all these guys in lock-up? The Republicans were all owned when Cohen said he was ashamed of protecting Trump as “you all are doing now.” This hearing is a minefield, and every Republican who steps into it gets blown up. But this is why you should never join a cult. Pass the Kool-Aid.