Donald Trump goes into total tailspin over his deleted “white power” tweet

This morning Donald Trump tweeted a bizarre video of senior citizens from The Villages shouting at each other, as they argued about whether Trump was good or bad. The video had a number of disturbing moments, but it started off with a Trump supporter yelling “white power.”

Now, at a time when Donald Trump is out on the golf course, he and/or his handlers have deleted the tweet in question. The White House has released a statement to the media insisting that Trump “did not hear the one statement made on the video” – even though it was within the first few seconds of the video.

This whole thing is surreal. Trump and/or his handlers obviously tweeted the video in an attempt at distracting everyone from his Russian bounty scandal, even if it meant making himself look bad by posting something overtly racist. The swift deletion, while Trump was out on the links, suggests that Trump’s handlers are not at all on the same page about what he should or shouldn’t be tweeting at this point.

In any case, we now have a President of the United States who’s tweeting “white power” messages and then deleting them, even as he tries to cover up a scandal in which he was complicit in the murder-for-hire of U.S. soldiers. This all just keeps getting uglier by the hour. Donald Trump is in a total tailspin.

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