Desperate Lindsey Graham lashes out at Donald Trump again

Lindsey Graham must really be afraid that his association with a sinking Donald Trump is going to cost him his own Senate seat in November. Graham has spent the past week foiling Trump’s attempted takeover of the SDNY and pushing back against Trump’s narrative about President Obama committing “treason.” Now Graham is at it again.

Lindsey Graham tweeted this about Donald Trump’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan: “If the Trump Administration continues to withdraw forces – in spite of intelligence reports that radical Islamic elements like ISIS and al-Qaeda are growing in Afghanistan – then the Trump Administration would be making the same mistake in Afghanistan that Obama made in Iraq.”

Notably, this comes after the bombshell news that Russia has been paying Taliban terrorists to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and that Donald Trump has known about it for several months and kept it quiet. Now Trump is looking to withdraw from Afghanistan entirely, seemingly for the sake of ceding the region to Russia.

Of course whatever game Lindsey Graham is suddenly playing, he deserves no points for it. Graham has been dishonestly and in some cases criminally propping up Donald Trump for a couple years now. Graham is only taking this belated (and insufficient) turn against Trump because he’s afraid of losing his Senate race against Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison. Some polls have the race tied.

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