Former staffer: Donald Trump destroyed evidence in Mueller probe

Despite how much the Republicans like to lie about the Mueller report’s conclusions, the truth seems to be leaking from all sides. First it was from Mueller’s people, then Robert Mueller himself, and now even former members of Donald Trump’s staff are jumping into the fray. It’s been awhile since Omarosa Manigault-Newman has been in the news. She had a job at the White House with no specific duties before she rather dramatically departed, with conflicting stories over whether or not she was fired and had to be escorted off White House grounds by security. Since then, she’s made the occasional media appearance, doing a 180 reversal on her views of the Trump administration.

Omarosa was one of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters during the 2016 election, even bragging that Trump would punish his media enemies after the election. We have to wonder how credible these remarks have been, as well as her most recent claims that she made Saturday on Rev. Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation. When the Mueller investigation commenced, Omarosa and other staff members were explicitly asked to preserve all campaign-related correspondence and emails.

According to Omarosa, after she met with John Kelly on her last day at work, she was instructed to leave seven boxes of campaign and inauguration-related documents behind. But in later emails she received from the administration, only two such boxes were referenced. She thinks the other five boxes may have been destroyed.

There’s the possibility that the information simply was not requested by the probe, or the contents were not related to the investigation. But considering this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, nothing in her story is too much of a stretch of the imagination. We’ll see what happens with regards to Don McGahn’s testimony, and other former staffers, to see whether or not this is a pattern.

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