Donald Trump is being dismantled in real time

The testimony begins in Donald Trump’s impeachment investigation, and more and more it becomes apparent that Trump has obstructed justice, held Ukraine hostage to further his need to investigate the Bidens, and now with the Stone trial, colluded with Wikileaks to throw the election.

First let’s get something straight. Wikileaks is FSB. That is the abbreviation for the Russian security service. To make it even simpler, the FSB took over the KGB when the USSR split up. This is serious stuff. Putin has been in bed with Trump since the beginning and what is important to know here is all of Trump’s lackeys know this.

The whole Trump administration has been driven not by politics but by its own interests, and its own interests have been inextricably intertwined with the FSB and Putin. This is what the press got wrong from the beginning. Trump and his so-called Republicans aren’t political animals, they’re Kremlin assets, and the press keeps framing that incorrectly. We’ve been taken for a ride by a hostile foreign power, not by the Republicans.

This ongoing tragedy is signaling the end of the Grand Old Party. They, for the most part, aren’t acting on behalf of the USA any longer. Anyone who votes Republican is now voting for a hostile foreign power, namely Russia. The honorable Republicans, of which there are many (thick McCain), will have to take the party out of the ashes and remake it into something we can all trust again. This won’t be easy. Prepare for turmoil, but this is necessary. We are at war whether we know it or not. And we will win.

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