Rudy Giuliani’s divorce just took a surreal turn

Early in 2018, Rudy Giuliani announced he was getting divorced, and then he promptly announced that he was becoming Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorney. At the time, Rudy told the media that he expected the divorce proceedings to go quickly and smoothly, because they were splitting everything down the middle. But that didn’t happen, and Rudy’s divorce saga dragged on and kept getting uglier, even as it became more clear that he’s a hardened criminal who’s going to end up being arrested.

Now, out of nowhere, Rudy Giuliani’s never-ending divorce saga is suddenly over. Judith Giuliani is telling the New York Times that the saga has come to an “abrupt and harmonious” end. So what’s going on here? Most of the details are going to end up being sealed because they’ve settled. But by definition, the divorce had been dragging on because one or both of them wanted to keep fighting over money and assets, and the divorce is now suddenly being settled because the person who was dragging it out has now changed their mind and decided to hurry up take whatever they can get.

Considering that Rudy Giuliani is soon going to be indicted and arrested for a number of financial crimes, we’ll translate it for you. Earlier this week we pointed to the latest evidence that Rudy is flat broke, ostensibly because the illicit foreign money he’s been bringing in hasn’t been enough to cover his ongoing expenses and debts. Once Rudy is arrested and his influence peddling scheme goes kaput, his foreign income should dry up accordingly. That means he’ll have nothing left.

So if you’re Judith Giuliani, you’re going to try to get what you can, while you still can. If she were to wait for a divorce trial to play out, she might end up being entitled to a greater percentage of their shared assets, but by that time those assets might be gone anyway. Better to settle and separate their finances now, before Rudy’s arrest sends his financial situation off a cliff. In other words, she expects his arrest could come at any minute.

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