Donald Trump has completely divorced himself from reality

“President” Donald Trump is always on the wrong side of an issue. Maybe Trump is just that tuned out to what is going on in America or he really is just that stupid. Trump’s feeble attempt at expressing sympathy for Rayshard Brooks, the Black man who was recently killed by an officer in Atlanta, fell flat. Trump called the killing of Brooks “a terrible situation” and “very sad,” but he then followed with “but you can’t resist a police officer.” So, when has running from a cop and getting shot in the back “resisting?” To make things worse, Trump told Hannity that “police have not been treated fairly.” Staying in the bunker is keeping Trump even more out of touch than usual. What he sees is completely different than what everyone else sees, especially considering that the officer who shot Brooks has been charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Trump relies on the fantasy called his brain and said that the officer “heard a sound like … a gunshot” and proclaimed that rumor “a very interesting thing.” No one heard a gunshot except Trump. He went on to say, “I hope he gets a fair shake because police have not been treated fairly in our country.” Apparently, Trump missed the part where the prosecutor charged Rolfe with aggravated assault for kicking Brooks after he had shot him. It sounds more likely that it was Brooks who did not get a “fair shake.” The man is seriously out of touch with reality. He is likely just reeling from yet another Supreme Court decision showing him on the wrong side of yet another issue.

Upholding the lower court decisions regarding “Dreamers” was the right thing to do. Many not only contribute to our society but they put their lives on the line. NPR spoke with two Dreamers prior to the ruling. Both — a male and a female — are on the frontline of coronavirus as emergency room nurses. These people were brought here as children, and the Trump administration wants to send them to countries to which they have no ties. The male ER nurse was brought here by his mother from Mexico when he was three years old. He knows nothing of Mexico; he is an American. Their parents brought them here for better lives, and in that respect, they were successful.

While undocumented immigration is against the law, these children had no control over what their parents did for them, though they are mighty grateful that they did. When you think of what these two alone are contributing — and there are likely many more — it is well worth giving them citizenship and allowing them to continue their work, which benefits all Americans.

Once again, Donald Trump gets a well-deserved slap in face for engaging in wrongdoing against members of our society. Allowing Dreamers to stay and forcing police to do what they signed up to do—protect and serve—is not a liberal thing; it is a human thing.

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