Doctor goes on Fox News and blows up Donald Trump’s lies

With Donald Trump’s disastrous lack of a response to the coronavirus crisis resulting in thousands of Americans dying, even Fox News now appears to believe it has to push back against him a bit in order to retain relative credibility with its audience. Today we saw Fox News correspondent John Roberts get into an ugly argument with Trump over his response. Then there’s this:



That’s right, that’s a doctor going on Fox News and telling its audience just how negligently the federal government has botched its response to the coronavirus crisis. Dr. Rishi Desai didn’t use Donald Trump’s name, but he didn’t have to, as everyone involved understands who’s in charge of the federal government.

It’s not entirely clear if Fox News booked this doctor with the knowledge that he was going to say this. By the time Dr. Desai was done ripping Trump’s response to the shreds, the host seemed befuddled about whether or not to ask followup questions. In any case, hats off to this doctor.

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