There’s something very wrong with Donald Trump’s new doctor

How does Donald Trump keep finding people he knows he can corrupt? Early on, when he still had a political apparatus around him, when he still had a number of advisers who were good at playing dirty pool, it made sense. But at this late stage of the game, when Trump’s brain is barely working anymore, and most of his advisers long gone, he’s still managed to find a new doctor who’s willing to play his sick games.

Late last night Donald Trump’s new doctor released a statement to the media which made the case that Trump doesn’t need to be tested or quarantined for the coronavirus, despite admitting that Trump had physical contact with people who have the virus. This is some really truly awful medical malpractice. It’s not in Trump’s best medical interest, and it’s dangerous to the people around Trump.

Here’s the thing. When Trump was asked during his press conference why he was still refusing to be tested, he said that he would be tested soon. Now we get this statement. These two things don’t even go together. Our best guess is that Trump thought he had this doctor so compromised, he could compel him to falsely announce that Trump had tested negative. When that failed, Trump compelled the doctor to announce that Trump doesn’t need to be tested.

Either way, Donald Trump has once again managed to compromise a career professional into destroying his own credibility. Maybe Trump isn’t as good at it as he once was. But at this point it appears to be the only motor skill that Trump has left. The guy can barely even speak anymore, yet he still somehow knows how to corrupt a doctor – or perhaps one of Trump’s few remaining advisers does.

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