Nice try, Donald Trump

Pardon the cliché, but “President” Donald Trump is as crazy as a bed bug. Of course, he is surrounded and supported by other crazies, including Jerry Falwell Jr. Over the weekend, Falwell tweeted his support for “reparations” for Trump. Excuse me, what? Falwell proposes that Trump be given an additional two years to make up for the two years “stolen” by “this corrupt failed coup,” which I assume refers to the Russia investigation. Trump, as expected, retweeted Falwell. Nice try, guys.

We already know that it is likely going to take a literal act of Congress to get Trump out once he is defeated, and this nonsense gives us just a hint of what we might be dealing with when that happens. While some legal pundits think Trump is kidding, others believe that he truly does want to overstay his term (and his welcome). As well as we all know him by now, Trump is merely gearing up for creating chaos when (not if) he is ousted from the office, which was never his to begin with.

It is almost humorous to hear Trump tout his last two years as “the most successful in history.” We could assume that he was asleep while other presidents truly had successful presidencies, but because we know Trump’s propensity to exaggerate (or lie, as documented by The Post at over 10,000 to date), we just tune out. One of his more outrageous lies centers around the Russia investigation, which he blames on “18 Angry Democrats,” ignoring the fact that both Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein are Republicans. That matters little to Trump; he prefers to twist any truth to fit his scenario.

Falwell is, of course, one of the evangelicals who supports Trump, and who is anything but Christian. The unlikely alliance between Trump and conservative evangelicals is puzzling and makes one wonder what exactly these so-called Christians see in a man who spreads hate, has been married three times, and cheated on all three of his wives. Strange times indeed, especially to hear Falwell, a so-called Christian, say that he “can’t imagine Trump ‘doing anything that’s not good for the country.’” Okay, but indeed he has, and his behavior led to all the investigations, not 18 Angry Democrats.

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