Donald Trump circles the drain

“The American people have spoken clearly—and history is on their side. The Senate must have a fair trial including the witnesses & documents that were blocked by the president.” This is Nancy Pelosi’s tweet in response to “president” Donald Trump’s incessant, erroneous, increasingly unhinged tweets. Pelosi is reminding the Senate that the American public is watching their shameless display of protecting Trump by failing to hold a true trial in response to Trump’s criminal activities. As part of her Tweet, Pelosi included some interesting comparative numbers between the Trump and Clinton impeachments or as she termed them, “the Clinton impeachment vs. the Trump cover-up,” revealing the stark difference in two presidents (one real, one fake).

During the Clinton impeachment, neither documents nor witnesses were blocked. They laid everything out on the table. With Trump, a strikingly different picture emerges: 12 blocked key witnesses, 9 blocked subpoenaed witnesses, 100% of subpoenaed documents blocked, zero documents produced (Clinton produced more than 90,000 pages), and three witnesses testified in the Clinton impeachment trial while Trump and company continue to fight any witnesses.

Now, if you think about all this for a moment, something becomes crystal clear: Clinton had nothing to hide and was willing to cooperate. What does that say about Trump and his lawyers with their outlandish defenses? Correct: They obviously have much to hide. Any even semi-sane person accused of a crime who has it in his or her power to produce evidence that contradicts the charges would rent a billboard. In the real world, only criminals hide evidence. Cliché aside, what’s done in the dark always comes to the light, and that’s what has been happening with Trump.

First, portions of John Bolton’s upcoming book were leaked. Lev Parnas released the recording of Trump saying “take her out” about Ambassador Yovanovitch. Don’t think for a moment that’s all Parnas has, as he seems to be a regular treasure trove of information (though Trump somehow “never met the gentleman”). Meanwhile, Trump’s completely inept legal team continues to say ridiculous things, such as Dershowitz’s claim that Trump can do whatever he wants as president. Sorry, Dershowitz, but you are dead wrong. Trump is neither monarch nor dictator, and as such, he is bound by our Constitution. Further, this farce of a trial has also laid the groundwork for Pelosi to talk about everything that they had hoped to accomplish but have been blocked from doing by this corrupt president and his equally corrupt senate majority leader, “Moscow” Mitch McConnell.

Trump’s reaction to everything is to, once again, attack Adam Schiff, which didn’t exactly turn out well for him. The most telling response to Trump’s irresponsible tweet was: “If you repeat a lie enough, it becomes a Trump tweet.” Yet, Trump’s supporters on Twitter run to his defense by further attacking Adam Schiff. Our country has become a sad place when people openly support a criminal like Trump. We all reap what we sow. This parable will come to pass in this instance as well.

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