Donald Trump goes on frantic midnight tirade as it all goes horribly wrong for him

Right now just about everything is going wrong for Donald Trump that could possibly go wrong for him. The coronavirus is exposing his sheer incompetence. The stock market implosion is taking away one of the few arguments he still had left in favor of his candidacy heading into 2020. And last night Joe Biden, a candidate who can actually beat Trump, won South Carolina by thirty points. Trump didn’t exactly take the news too well.

Shortly after midnight Donald Trump posted this tweet, which gave away just how jealous he is of the fact that Tom Steyer is an actual billionaire who was able to self-fund a campaign and have money left over:

But Trump was just getting started. Minutes later, he all but begged Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg not to spend their money running ads against him:

It’s not clear if “Mike Bloombeg” is the dumbest nickname of all time, or merely further evidence that Trump can’t spell. In any case, Tom Steyer quickly fired back at Trump: “Donald, I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to beat you and save our democracy.”

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