Donald Trump is falling to pieces in real time

Given all of the talk about Donald Trump’s latest inappropriate behavior, you might think he would at least have the decency to sit quietly somewhere. Please. If you do, you misunderstand just who this self-centered narcissist is. Instead of trying to clean up his mess involving Ukraine, he’s waging war with the Nobel Peace Prize selection committee. Yes, I’m very serious.

Politico reported on this ridiculous “war.” Trump believes that he deserves the prize for his attempts to bring peace and denuclearization to the Korean peninsula. Of course, neither has happened. In fact, he has tried his best to play down the fact that his buddy Kim Jong Un has been steadily firing test missiles. As is typical with Trump, his attempts at peace in Korea are a joke.

He is also trying to take credit for the latest developments in Kashmir, where he called himself “an extremely good arbitrator.” In addition, he was allegedly going to create peace between Israel and Palestine, which never happened. Finally, he bragged that he would be able to draw Iran back to negotiations to “fix” the 2015 nuclear deal that he withdrew from last year, which brings us to the real point of Trump’s desire to secure the Nobel Peace Prize: President Barack Obama.

Trump has spent most of his time in office dismantling anything and everything that President Obama accomplished. These actions were not done because Obama made bad deals. They were a result of Trump’s sick jealousy of President Obama. He couldn’t wait to bring up the fact that President Obama received the prize nine months into his presidency. Trump commented that “he [Obama] had no idea why he got it. You know what? That was the only thing I agreed with him on.”

The only thing that I would agree with Trump on is if he admits that he is a narcissist extraordinaire. He makes every other narcissist look normal. Let’s look at the facts here. No one has sowed more seeds of discord than Donald Trump, in his own country no less. He is hateful, racist, illiterate, and incompetent. He lies incessantly, and he browbeats the very people he chose to represent him in various roles. He has the highest turnover of any president in modern American history, because he is difficult to get along with and knows nothing of the concept of “team player.” He is a wanna-be dictator who listens to the advice of none of the people he chooses, and when they dare to oppose him, he fires them. I hate to tell Trump, but this isn’t Celebrity Apprentice. He is destroying the lives of millions of people with his hate-filled policies.

No, Donald Trump, you do not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. About all you deserve right now is impeachment, and all of your attempts to distract us with your bullshit are falling on deaf ears. Enjoy your remaining time in the White House while we all pray that we survive your sham of a presidency. Hopefully, your remaining years will be spent in jail where you belong.

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