Donald Trump is having a really stupid day so far

On Thursday, Dr. Rick Bright appeared before Congress and warned of the darkest winter ahead, while describing how Donald Trump and this administration failed to address the coronavirus crisis. Trump and HHS Secretary Alexander Azar have dumped all over Bright, with Azar saying everything that Bright complained of had been addressed by the administration. Azar completely ignored the substance of the matter, as always.

Also on Thursday, Trump went to Allentown, Pennsylvania to tour a distribution facility for PPE. Before he appeared on stage to talk with the workers, the song, “Macho Man,” was one of the songs that played, perhaps trolling Trump for once again not wearing a facial covering as he met with the Pennsylvania delegation and then toured the facility and spoke. Like every time he does this, it is not macho at all, but blatant disregard for the health of those he interacts with and contaminating of the PPE that he touches or goes near.

In what can only be an admission of why Trump is keeping testing to a minimum and not acting wisely, he stated this today in regard to the number of tests being conducted: “When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing we would have very few cases.”

That sums up Donald Trump’s approach to the coronavirus. Ignore or attack the real doctors, while acting as Doctor “Not So” Bright in his daily lack of regard for the tens of thousands who have died and will die from his negligent, reckless conduct.

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