Donald Trump isn’t “getting away” with anything

With Americans finding themselves in a such a bleak and desolate place right now, it’s easy to let hopelessness set in. Fatalism is never your friend, but that’s difficult to remember at a time like this. That brings us to the narrative I keep hearing that Donald Trump is “getting away with it all.”

It’s easy enough to understand where this sentiment comes from. Trump has committed countless crimes while in office, he’s ripped our system of government to pieces, and three years later he’s somehow still in office, carrying out what can only be described as a murder spree. But I’m here to tell you that he hasn’t “gotten away” with anything.

If Trump were some kind of proverbial suicide bomber who was only looking to do as much damage to America as possible without regard for how it impacted him, then sure, mission accomplished. But that’s not who Trump is. Yes, he enjoys the sadism of it all. But three years into it, he’s a miserable shut-in whose antics have left him saddled with a low approval rating that has him headed for likely defeat in November. More to the point, if he loses, New York State and the Feds will be fighting over who gets to arrest him first.

Picture a guy who robbed a bank and is currently running down the street with the loot in hand, being chased by the police, who are gradually closing in on him. You wouldn’t say that guy has “gotten away” with anything. He’s desperately trying to get away with it, but his odds are bad and getting worse, and his life is likely already over. That guy is Donald Trump.

The only way you could argue that Trump is “getting away with it” would be if he’d managed to pull off the kind of approval numbers that would have put him in strong position for a second term. He’s spent the past three years desperately trying to pull that off, but he’s failed at every turn. Donald Trump is firmly on his way to not getting away with anything. Your job is to get out and campaign for Joe Biden and help make sure Trump doesn’t get away with it. Keep your head in the game during these heartbreaking times. You can help turn this all around.

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