Donald Trump isn’t ready for what’s about to happen to him

The gathering of GOP Trump toadies at Camp David reminds us of a group of criminals locked in a vault. They might be planning how to hide the robbery and all the glorious things they will do with the money, but they’re locked in the vault and come Monday, the vault will be unlocked, and there they’ll be for whomever opens the door.

The Camp David discussion are no doubt lit with talk of Secretary of State Pompeo and the Inspector General, the tanked economy and the deadly coronavirus. But looming over them all like the Ghost of Christmas future is November 3, Election Day. Justin Amash has thrown in the towel for an independent bid, the Facebook ads Trump is running are full of lies and going to have to be pulled, and he’s arguing with Brad Parscale, his campaign manager who won him the election last time.

All this is signaling GOP doom for November, but Trump can’t quite wrap his head around it. He’s going to continue to give interviews and pressers because he needs the attention even if that attention is killing his chances to remain in office. The ineptitude and decline will worsen before our eyes, and no amount of spin can make grandma’s death a good thing.
In the meantime, Trump walks around without a mask, safe in his bubble. His diapers remain full and his Adderall script is flowing.

He’ll keep the Trump Train rocketing ahead like his “super-duper missile,” but not only is the train in flames, it’s headed for the only station available: Biden’s Department of Justice. No matter the GOP scheming, that’s the only way these guys can get out of the vault. When the FBI unlocks it Monday morning.

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