Donald Trump just found a whole new way to embarrass himself

Since Wednesday was National Nurses Day, a number of politicians and entertainment personalities on social media tastefully gave thanks and paid tribute to the healthcare workers who are now routinely putting their lives at risk in the midst of a health crisis. Donald Trump, of course, had to do something to completely ruin the whole point of the holiday so he ended up trending on social media for an idiotic speech where he lied outrageously about the availability of surgical masks and protective gear, even telling a nurse that she was wrong on the subject. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who’s been following the news for the last four years, so you might think this is the worst thing Donald Trump did on Wednesday – you’d be wrong.

It’s one thing to insult America’s front line of essential workers, especially if you call yourself a “wartime president,” but Trump has been doing that already with his insane calls to supporters to “liberate” their states. So of course he followed it up with an admission that his administration is already looking to terminate Obamacare, giving his support to conservatives in a Supreme Court case being heard today.

Trump supporters will point out that he’s offering to replace it with something better – but that’s the exact same nonsense that the GOP has been talking about for the last ten years without any hint of what an Obamacare replacement would look like. It’s probably not something the Republicans want spreading around or to have to defend, since Mitch McConnell publicly distanced himself from it last time, but it makes it clear what’s at stake in the coming election, particularly when Joe Biden promises to expand coverage under the Affordable Care Act significantly.

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