Donald Trump just made a startling admission

Whether it’s worsening senility or just the stress of falling even further behind in an election that he needs to win in order to stay out of prison, Donald Trump’s brain cells just keep betraying him. It’s not merely that he’s speaking semi-incoherently. It’s that he’s saying things he should know he’s supposed to keep to himself.

During his event on Thursday night, Trump said this about Joe Biden: “He’s gonna be your president because some people don’t love me, maybe, and all I’m doing is doing my job.” Read this carefully. Trump is admitting that he now expects Biden to win. Of course the point he was trying to make is that he deserves to get reelected because he’s (supposedly) doing his job, and that it’s unfair to him that Biden is going to win. But still, Trump just admitted – four months before the election – that he expects to lose.

This is a big deal because it suggests that Trump is mentally giving up on his collapsing reelection bid. This creates an opening for us to continue putting in the hard work on things like voter registration and voter turnout, and really run up the score so that no last minute fluke can change the result.

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