Donald Trump now says he’s a wartime president. Fine. Try him for war crimes.

Now that Donald Trump has declared himself a wartime president, don’t expect this monster to save you. We’ve seen his Rupert Murdoch cronies at Fox News calling the coronavirus a hoax for precious weeks that could’ve been spent preparing for the onslaught. We’ve got OANN asking Trump a set-up ridiculous question about Chinese food in order to promote Trump’s willful racism. We now find out that Intelligence Chairman Republican Senator Richard Burr knew about the coronavirus pandemic and reported it in secret to his Republican donors but never made the information public.

So here we go. Since all of these liars knew about the coronavirus threat in January and its pandemic outlook, they are now responsible for every American death that occurs. Rupert Murdoch and every talking head that promoted this as a hoax needs to have class action taken against them. Not only should they be held accountable for the deaths that will now occur in overwhelmed hospitals, but they need to be held accountable for the pain and suffering of every COVID-19 patient who, while recovered, has lost a percentage of their lung function.

Trump wants the badge of being a wartime president like Roosevelt and Madison. Great. It is wartime, and for Trump’s greed, incompetence and lack of basic human empathy, he needs to be tried for war crimes.

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