Donald Trump’s campaign manager is completely losing it as the campaign unravels

Just how poorly are things going for Donald Trump in the 2020 election? Last week he finally found out how bad his internal poll numbers are, and he reportedly threatened to take legal action over it against his campaign manager Brad Parscale. This prompted James Carville to go on the 11th Hour last night and accuse Parscale of merely being on the take while trying to keep Trump in the dark about how poorly the campaign is going.

Parscale, for his part, appears to simply be losing it. Yesterday he took a bizarre and incoherent shot at CNN by tweeting a video of Sesame Street character Elmo using a toilet. Today he topped himself by posting a tweet which compared the Trump 2020 campaign to the Death Star from Star Wars. He may have missed the part where the Death Star belonged to the villains, and it got blown to pieces in the end.

Parscale’s lack of familiarity with Star Wars notwithstanding, he appears to be totally losing it. Are these tweets a desperate attempt to convince Donald Trump that he really is taking the 2020 campaign seriously? Or has he snapped under the pressure of losing, to the point that he’s merely trolling himself? Trump went through several campaign managers last time around. The bigger question may be how much longer this guy lasts.

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