Donald Trump’s comeuppance is coming

This presidency is all about law and order as long as the suspect is black. When it comes to Trump & Co., however, it’s okay to ignore Congressional subpoenas, get rich on stock market insider tips and issue death threats such as Trump’s retweet of a fan saying the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. Derek Chauvin, the police officer who murdered George Floyd, should spend the rest of his life in prison. But then again, so should Trump and his family of grifters.

Right now, Trump is planning how to use George Floyd’s death to get re-elected. He will use the law and order trope, such as he’s tweeting about currently. Remember, “law and order” is a dog whistle to signal cracking down on brown people. The riots in Minneapolis are not helping; riots rarely do, but let’s face it, enough police murders of black people is enough. Sure, there are lots of “bad hombres” but the ones who kill the most are usually white and armed with an AR-15 and shooting up a church, not looting a well-insured Target. The reopening protests in Michigan with white men armed to the teeth in the capital building and permitted to stay there without confrontation is all we need to know about racism in America today.
But this is going to change. Nixon based his campaign on white people’s fear of black people. Trump will do the same. He has very little to cling to these days with his poll numbers in the tank. Racial discord was also Russia’s plan to deconstruct our democracy. Don’t let them do it. Keep focused on what really matters: the crimes being committed in the White House. Deutsche Bank, Trump’s taxes, emoluments, Katie Johnson’s testimony, child rape and Trump’s complicit behavior with Jeffrey Epstein. If Bill Clinton gets caught in this mess, then so be it. Now that’s real law and order.

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