Donald Trump’s final bombshell is coming

Russia has denied two senators a visa to visit their country. One senator was a Democrat, the other Republican. But Mike Lee, Republican Senator from Utah, is apparently packing for his trip to Russia, even though he has yet to be granted or denied a visa. Hmmmm.

Donald Trump, once more, is sucking up to Putin by asking that the Russian President be included in the next G7 conference. Putin owns many Republican Senators with campaign donations laundered through the NRA. Mike Lee is certainly one of them. Trump is also aware of this, since he also partakes in the laundered donations through the NRA.

All of us are a bit narcissistic. This is what helps the human race fight to survive. But malignant narcissism is a mental illness that also encompasses sociopathy, paranoia, and sadism, which is why these types of people cause the most pain and destruction. The other thing to know about malignant narcissism is that these people – when they do go down – almost never go down alone.

When the Russian link to the NRA political donations is fully exposed after Trump is out of office and a Democratic pick is head of the Department of Justice, we will finally see what we’ve suspected since the beginning. Not only Trump, but a lot of Republican senators, are going to be found out for their traitorous ties to Russia via the NRA. And when that happens, Trump will throw them under the bus. In fact, he will throw everyone under the bus when this happens. We look forward to watching the fallout of Trump’s political atom bomb. It won’t help dissipate a hurricane, but it will cleanse our politics of the most egregious traitors.

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