Donald Trump’s health is in freefall

Donald Trump’s poor diet is a staple of late night comedy routines – heavy in fast food, sugar and protein and not much else, it’s easy to laugh at. That’s why it was also easy to laugh when Ronny Jackson, Trump’s rejected appointee for secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs resurfaced in the news. If you’ve forgotten him, he wrote the laughably false report of Donald Trump’s health and found himself caught up in a scandal of his own for improperly dispensing medications while he served as the president’s chief medical advisor.

Now, he’s revealed something else in a recent New York Times interview: while working at the White House, Trump’s meals were so unhealthy that Jackson had to sneak vegetables into his meals, making sure Trump got at least a few servings of nutrients. He also admits that he didn’t have much luck with encouraging Donald Trump to get into a daily basic exercise routine.

Currently, Jackson is running for a congressional seat in Texas in a fairly conservative district, which makes you wonder why he’s leaking these details out in a media interview. You might think it’s to make him seem more relatable to voters – particularly the ones in Trump’s base, but in the interview he also reveals that he hasn’t gotten much support for his congressional bid from the Trump administration, despite considering people like Donald Trump, Jr. to be close friends.

Whether or not it’s his intention, this does draw more attention to Trump’s health once again, at a time when we’re already worried about his cognitive performance. It makes you wonder if Jackson, with all of the insider knowledge he boasts about in the interview, is aware that something else about Trump’s health is going to leak in the near future.

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