Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team sinks to a whole new low

On Monday, Donald Trump, IMPOTUS the Third, had his dream team, or perhaps nightmare team, of lawyers continue with opening arguments. One member of his team, Pam Bondi, she of the dismissal of the Trump University investigation and other issues while Florida Attorney General, made the argument against nepotism in government.

Bondi spent a lot of time talking about the Bidens and Burisma, saying she “would prefer not to be talking about this,” but had no choice because the House managers dismissed this issue. She argued Burisma was corrupt and that Hunter’s serving on the board despite his qualifications was “nepotistic at best, nefarious at worst.”

Anyone who has seen boards of companies, domestic or abroad, knows that all kinds of people go on all kinds of boards for reasons of prestige, etc. Boards are made up of former government officials, accountants, lawyers (Hunter is one), and other professionals. One need not look very far back to see that Nikki Haley joined the Boeing board. Good for her.

It is rich that Bondi would attack anyone for corruption. While she was Attorney General of Florida, Bondi accepted a $25,000 campaign contribution from Donald Trump, then she magically said there was nothing to see with Trump University. Later, other entities forced Trump University to shut down because it was a fraud.

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