Donald Trump’s reign of terror is coming to an end

While “president” Donald Trump continues his old ways, Joe Biden is working tirelessly to come up with solutions. After emerging from his hiding place this weekend, Trump came out spouting his usual bullshit. Trump is pressing governors to take control of their states. He even had the nerve to call them “weak.” You can give Trump one thing: He is quick to accuse others of who and what he is, instead of providing useful advice.

Trump’s words when speaking to governors were completely out of line, but that is typical for him. He told them to “dominate” and “take back your streets.” Trump suggested that governors start arresting people: “You have to put them in jail for ten years and you’ll never see this stuff again.” Funny, he never said that about armed protestors storming capitols across the country. People are angry, hurt, and fed up with being treated like second-class citizens, and Trump couldn’t care less.

Trump clearly has no clue how any of this works nor does he care. He also has no feelings for the people who are protesting and why they are protesting. Rest assured that Trump’s reign of terror is slowly but surely coming to an end, even if he refuses to acknowledge it. It is going to creep up on him like a snake. His end is coming not only because of who and what he is, but because Joe Biden has a plan that is steadily taking shape.

Since the beginning of coronavirus and now, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s senseless murder, Biden is a calming voice. His town halls from his home in Delaware are mainly geared toward making people feel that even in these darkest hours, there is indeed hope. He is constantly thinking and moving in the direction of reaching out, even putting himself in harm’s way to speak with protestors in Delaware. Do not think for a minute people are not noticing the differences between Biden and Trump. He is staying on top of this controversy and making his voice heard.

Biden has personally pledged to go after institutional racism as president. Oh well, there goes the Republican idea of using his admittedly bad joke against him. It is one thing to say something, but it is a whole different issue when a man puts himself out there and promises what he is going to do for America. Biden had already pledged to make a woman his running mate, and as he spoke with black leaders in Delaware, he reminded them that he is looking at women of color: “I promise you there are multiple African American candidates being considered, as well as Latino.” If Biden remains a man of his word — and there is little doubt that he will — he will sail into the White House in November. During Biden’s appearance with community leaders at Bethel AME Church, the pastor said, “The vice president came to hear from us. This is a homeboy.” That he is, and he will be an even better president.

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