What has Donald Trump done to our country?

“President” Donald Trump is a complete disaster. Not only has he done an incredibly poor job of leading our country, but between his lies, horrible insensitivity, and downright meanness, he is the worst example of a human being known to man. He recently posted a video attacking Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, disingenuously using one of the worst events in our history as his weapon.

All of a sudden, Donald Trump is so angry about 9/11, he wants to lay some type of blame at the feet of Omar. In his video, Trump has taken some of Ms. Omar’s words out of context, “…some people did something…” while showing footage of the attacks. CNN’s Chris Cuomo played the Congresswoman’s full speech in which she is discussing civil liberties, not the 9/11 attacks. Trump took four words from a speech and tried to make it look as if Ms. Omar downplayed the attacks. This is not only misleading; it is reprehensible, dishonest, and childish, all three of which describe Trump.

“President” Trump now pretends that he was outraged by 9/11, but his outrage is a sham, much like his “presidency.” After 9/11, Trump gave two separate interviews during which he displayed his lack of concern for those injured and killed, the rescuers, and all of their families by crowing that his building was now the tallest in America (which, surprise, is not true). Democrat strategist Paul Begala joined Chris Cuomo’s show, and his anger was visible. “This guy has no moral standing ever to try to use the greatest day of national pain for his political gain,” Begala stated. Yet, people continue to support this hateful, lying moron because of his behavior.

Chris Cuomo apologized to all of those affected by 9/11, stating that video footage of the attack should never be used for “political hit ads.” Ken Cucinelli, Trump’s pick to lead DHS, proclaimed the ad as “fair” based on Omar’s statements. Cucinelli, the man who has compared immigrants to “rats” according to Think Progress, is little more than a rat himself, except that’s too good for him. Unbelievably, Think Progress tells of nineteen leaders of conservative groups who wrote to Trump, recommending Cucinelli as the perfect fit “during this time of national crisis and emergency over national security and immigration.” Even Mitch McConnell doesn’t want him, which says a lot as to what kind of leader Cucinelli might be with his distorted, bigoted views.

This all leads one to ask: what has happened to our country? As a black child of the sixties, I witnessed this type of hate first-hand. It is painful to see it again in the 21st century. Donald Trump continues to run on a base of hate. This is not where our country should be at this time in history, but people who feel this way have found their savior in Trump. He has irrevocably damaged our country by leading his hateful followers to think it’s okay to hate, to say whatever they feel regardless of consequences and how it affects others. This is not who we are. 2020 will give us the opportunity to stop this and take our country back. To do otherwise will allow our destruction to continue.

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