Down goes William Barr

Attorney General Bill Barr looks like he’s seen a ghost, and he has. It’s the ghost of his freedom. Not even Fox News can soften the landing his reputation is taking on those sharp, obstruction rocks. After Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s filing revealed Michael Flynn witnessed Trump & Co. committing various crimes, (and there are even tapes!), the story for Barr can only get worse. For Mueller, the story and the filings are just getting started.

Flynn was always Trump’s Achilles heel. The reason we know this is Trump has never, ever criticized him. Fear paralyzes him around Flynn, for some reason that is sure to come out. Now Trump is twisting the story to make himself the victim, but President Obama warned him about Flynn, and Trump went ahead with appointing Flynn anyway. He also attempted to protect Flynn from the FBI. Even now, Trump still has yet to attack Flynn.

Meanwhile, Bill Barr is in trouble. Mueller’s current document says Flynn alerted them to obstructive acts committed by “persons connected to the Administration or Congress.” One of Trump’s lawyers left a voicemail for Flynn’s attorney, laughably inquiring about the investigation as a matter of “national security.” Mueller’s prosecutors say Flynn described conversations among senior Trump campaign officials about reaching out to WikiLeaks to help the campaign. Every time you see “WikiLeaks,” please know you are reading “GRU” – Russian military intelligence. That’s definitely a matter of national security right there, but not the kind Barr is thinking of.

Bill Barr has sold his soul, his reputation and his freedom to Donald Trump – not to help this country but to help white male Republicans stay in power against a wave of women and minorities. Barr scammed the American public in order to be confirmed as Attorney General in order to perform as Trump’s handmaiden. While he is still technically overseeing Mueller in the Department of Justice, Mueller is now doing a brilliant dodge to get the info out there. There is more to come. This slope just keeps getting slipperier, and Bill Barr is headed down this obstruction hill on an unstoppable sled.

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