Down goes Trump. Then what?

We’re at the “Can’t Even” stage of this presidency; it’s hard to pinpoint the daily outrage, as there are so many outrages to choose from. Today’s worst, of course, is the fact that the US had to recall one of its assets in the Kremlin because they were worried our own president had blown his cover. It’s not easy lining up an asset in an enemy foreign country. It takes years and money. The US needs such intelligence in order to keep us safe from other nuclear powers. But Trump doesn’t care. He doesn’t even see the point if he is not at the tip of it.

Trump recently tweeted that his approval rating is at 94% of Republicans. He’s lying, and it’s actually ten to fifteen points lower than this, but it’s still astounding in light of today’s news. This figure can be looked at in two ways and both are terrifying. Either the Republican Party is so criminally traitorous that they will love their tin idol no matter what, or the party is utterly destroyed and abandoned by any sane person. This means the only people left were those who voted before resuming sticking forks into light sockets.

Both scenarios are horrific but for different reasons. The first is obvious. It means we have a large number of folks in a major political party that are willing to drink the Kool-Aid of blind adoration; that the Republican Party has become a walking, talking Village of the Damned. Which brings us to the other ugly problem. We need a two-party system in order to make our democracy work. Without an honest and functioning Republican Party, our country’s choice of a political leader is severely diminished. There are lots of things to hate in both parties, but when one party is so off-the-rails and immoral, there can be no balance. And without it, we all lose.

Trump is Godzilla and our country is Tokyo. We’ve got a lot to fix after his rampage through our streets. But recognizing we need a two-party system is part of that. A new party needs to spring up in the nuclear landscape of what’s left of the Trumplicans. We need to encourage the ostensible Republican values of fiscal conservativism and Christian decency and kindness. Nobody’s perfect, but if your only ideals are greed and oppression, then let the floodgates be opened and good riddance to the Republicans. But in their annihilation, let’s encourage the new party that needs to grow in their stead. The best way to do this is for the Dems to lead by example. Impeach this horrible human trash of a president and show the world American really is great again.

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