Dr. Birx has jumped the shark

Dr. Deborah Birx is gaslighting America. Her press conference was nothing short of a lie. The county-registering proposal, whether high or low, is absurd given the lack of tests. If you don’t test everyone, this is a completely spurious plan. In addition, without addressing the travel that is ubiquitous between counties, Deborah Birx has to know what she is saying is ridiculous.

It’s beyond irresponsible for a doctor to downplay what’s happening to our country. By emphasizing the hard-hit areas as urban, Brix is allowing the Trump followers who live in rural areas to have a false sense of security. Everyone should be in lockdown in this country. This virus isn’t going to be absent in rural areas and it won’t be kind.

If anything, in rural areas, their hospitals are much more likely to be overwhelmed. They also are much less likely to have a number of ventilators. The idea that Birx assured the public that New York still had a thousand ventilators and could access more from rural areas is only putting those rural areas at risk. A thousand ventilators may be used up by today; by next week, New York could be in Do Not Resuscitate mode.

The only silver lining of this virus is that it is not targeting the young. But every statistic coming from countries that don’t lie indicates it will impact at a point higher than the influenza outbreak of 1918. Any doctor who doesn’t put this fact forward should have their medical license pulled. A doctor who spins the facts in order to please a corrupt regime willing to kill its followers because they are craven and stupid, is criminal.

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