Looks like I was right about Dr. Birx

Last night I wrote that Dr. Deborah Birx had jumped the shark when she publicly signed off on Georgia’s decision to reopen businesses like hair salons and tattoo parlors, simply suggesting that they somehow social distance from customers, which we all know is impossible. I was far from the only person who felt that Birx burned up what was left of her credibility in that moment. I also wrote this:

It’s worth noting that the next day, Donald Trump did suddenly announce that he was personally opposed to Kemp’s moves. Someone clearly got to Trump behind the scenes. So in Dr. Birx’s potential defense, it’s possible that she’s the one who cornered him on this and got him to change his mind. But we don’t know if this is the case. All we know is that Dr. Birx is resorting to giving dangerously bad answers on stage, so she can keep appearing on stage. It’s not okay.

Sure enough, someone leaked to CNN today that it was indeed Dr. Birx who convinced Donald Trump to change his mind on the Georgia thing. It’s fairly obvious that Birx herself is the source for this story, as she must have sensed that her credibility with the public was shot, and she’s trying to repair the damage. In any case, it’s notable that while Birx has no remaining credibility with the public, she does appear to have Trump’s ear. That’s not exactly comforting.

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