Dr. Fauci just spanked Rand Paul something fierce

Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly testified before a Senate committee today about the coronavirus crisis. As expected, Fauci’s testimony was authoritative and reasonable as always, and diplomatic when he needed to be. But when rogue Senator Rand Paul took a bizarre personal shot at Fauci, let’s just say that it didn’t go well for Paul.

Rand Paul tried to make the argument that children are largely immune to the effects of coronavirus, so schools should reopen. Paul also decided to use his time to try to tear Dr. Fauci down, saying “I don’t think you’re the be-all,” while insisting that Fauci wasn’t qualified to give economic advice.

Fauci responded by explaining that he doesn’t even give economic advice. He also pointed to the mysterious new coronavirus-related condition that’s affecting children in large numbers, and held it up as evidence that no one knows for sure what’s going on, which is why none of us should see ourselves as the “be-all” when it comes to this virus.

Rand Paul has already had the coronavirus and recovered from it. He’s now insisting that this makes him immune, even though scientists say there’s no proof yet that immunity even exists. Paul seems to think he knows everything, but he keeps reminding us that know-it-alls tend to be wrong about just about everything.

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