Donald Trump just made a move to try to silence Dr. Fauci

For all the buzz about Donald Trump potentially firing Dr. Anthony Fauci, it never did happen. This isn’t surprising. For all his bluster, Trump is a tepid coward who usually only fires the people he thinks he can get away with firing – and he knows he needs Fauci for credibility reasons. But now Trump is making a different kind of move against Fauci.

Congress just announced that Donald Trump has blocked its attempt at having Dr. Fauci testify in an upcoming hearing. Trump lets Fauci speak during most press briefings, and he lets Fauci go on TV for various interviews. So what makes this different?

The reality is that while the media generally asks Dr. Fauci questions aimed at helping inform the public about the coronavirus crisis, Congress could end up asking Dr. Fauci some questions that expose Donald Trump’s dishonest and negligent handling of the crisis. Trump can’t be having that, now can he? So he’s silencing Fauci from testifying. We doubt Fauci will take too kindly to this, so we’ll see what if anything comes of it.

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