Drinking the Lysol

Donald J. Trump spoke gibberish (yes, everything he says is gibberish) a while ago about how you can inject disinfectant into your body and instantly become immune to the coronavirus. This was while also hyping hydroxychloroquine and claiming he was taking that drug as a precautionary measure. Turns out, a certain percentage of the population will do anything Trump says, similar to the cult of Jim Jones. These followers will even drink the Lysol Kool-Aid, it appears.

In a report that makes one check and double check that The Onion has not snuck in another story that looks to be close if not actually truth, The Hill reports that more than one third of Americans used disinfectants in “non recommended” ways to fight the coronavirus. The Hill reports on a Center for Disease Control survey that was conducted. Shockingly, the following was discovered:

The uses included in the responses range from sanitizing food items — specifically fruits and vegetables — with bleach, using household cleaning and disinfectant products on hands or skin, misting their bodies with a disinfectant or cleaning spray, inhaling of vapors from disinfectants or household cleaners and ‘drinking or gargling diluted bleach solutions, soapy water, and other cleaning and disinfectant solutions.’

This report is scary for what it says about a large part of this nation and how blindly they will follow someone who has an absolutely zero record of speaking truthfully or credibly about any subject. On a day when Trump stated that George Floyd was looking down happily on him, it’s a reminder of how dangerous the man in the underground cell defended by what appears to be prison guards really is.

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