This is going to drive Trump up a wall

While political pundits are talking about the mathematics of Donald Trump’s impeachment as far as Democrats and Republicans likely to vote in favor of it, there’s a specific number that is probably very troubling for Donald Trump. It’s not the fact that 20 Republican Senators would have to vote alongside the Democrats for removal to happen – or the fact that Republicans are looking at gloomy prospects whether they vote for or against, since it’s getting harder by the day to make a positive case.

It’s the fact that over 70 million Americans have tuned in for the televised hearings – ratings that Trump can only dream about for his inane speeches that some stations are no longer bothering to air in full, or for attendance at his rallies. To put that number in perspective, it’s one in five Americans, and since that only counts the number of people watching on television, the number is almost certainly more – with millions of people streaming the hearings online.

Trump’s betrayal of the United States has not gone unnoticed, as people continue to watch the hearings and latest developments in the story, even the ones who still support him. This is despite last-ditch efforts by Republicans, and even his son Eric who tried to get the hashtag #snoozefest to trend on Twitter, referring to the hearings.

Like his fellow Republicans, Eric Trump thought public interest might decline in the hearings and support for impeachment would fall. Instead, support is holding steady and the antics of House Republican buffoons have only given more publicity to the hearings – as the average person seems to notice the obvious: If Republicans have nothing to hide, why are they so determined to hide everything and not attack the actual substance of the witness testimony?

You can rest assured that Trump absolutely knows that one in five Americans are tuning in – whether or not his staff tries to keep this news hidden from him. Being a malignant narcissist, he can’t help but to check every television station where his name is mentioned, and it’s almost certainly come up. The fact that over 70 million people would rather watch a series of hearings however “fake” they might be over their own president (or favorite president) as he thinks of himself, is driving him absolutely insane.

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