Donald Trump just sent Nancy Pelosi the dumbest letter in history

Donald Trump, who lacks the attention span and literacy skills to even read the Constitution, and who has misspelled two-letter words on multiple occasions, has decided to write a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. That’s right, a letter. It’s eight pages long, too. The thing is, it’s not so much a legal response as it is an eight page tantrum.

Donald Trump is throwing a fit and insisting that he won’t “allow” anyone in his regime to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry, because he hasn’t been given the opportunity to “cross-examine” the whistleblower, and other similar nonsense. Trump is trying to make it sound like he’s on criminal trial here, with criminal penalties, when that’s not how impeachment works (the criminal trial will come later in court, after he’s ousted). That’s okay, though, because Trump is also insisting he’s not actually being impeached.

Trump has put the words “impeachment inquiry” in quotation marks in his letter, suggesting that it’s not really an impeachment inquiry, and none of what’s happening right now is actually happening. This mirrors the gibberish that Trump’s apologists in the Republican House have been spouting of late, as they’ve been insisting that this is a “fake” impeachment inquiry.

Nowhere in Trump’s idiotic letter does he provide any circumstances under which he and his regime would cooperate. This letter, by virtue of being legal gibberish and demonstrating intentional bad faith, will help to weaken any legal argument that Trump might have to make in court as things progress. This letter is a tantrum, designed to soothe Trump’s feelings, and it’ll only hurt him. The total lack of legal standing presented here could cause some in the Trump regime to conclude that they’d better cooperate, because Trump can’t protect them if they don’t.

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