There’s an earthquake coming

If you’ve noticed all those cracks in the concrete in front of the White House, it’s because there’s an earthquake coming. The Eastern District of Virginia has now sealed 48 cases in their docket in the last twelve days. That’s four cases a day. The EDVA is also known as the Rocket Docket for moving these cases along. Year-to-date totals are around 850 sealed cases for 2019. This is a nine on the Richter scale and getting ready to go higher.

The Eastern District of Virginia has a reputation for prosecuting some of the nation’s most significant national and international cases. To offer some perspective on how unusual this many sealed cases are, recent law has ruled that public access to court cases is protected by the First Amendment. Yep, that First Amendment. Public right of access forbids the sealing of court records except in the rarest of circumstances.

We’ve now got around 850 of the rarest of circumstances in one court and climbing by the day. Maria Butina’s case is in this court, and George Nader just got transferred there. There are also lots and lots of Russians who interfered in our election. We know about all these because these cases are not sealed.

The other court that seems to be overloaded with sealed cases is the Southern District of New York. After the treasonous statement by Trump about being complicit with foreign interference in our elections, and the entirety of Senate Republicans who are looking the other way at his treason, there might be more to this than we know. Perhaps each of them is wary of their own sealed indictment. We don’t know yet, but the clock is ticking. And the cracks widen.

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