Elizabeth Warren is just getting started

When it comes to politics in general, Elizabeth Warren was a late bloomer. She had a distinguished career at Harvard before she became a key unofficial member of the Obama administration at age 58, and then first ran for Senate when she was sixty-two. In this nation of career politicians, what’s remarkable is that Warren has accomplished so much in so little time.

Elizabeth Warren was the first major candidate to enter the 2020 presidential race, and one of the most impressive. Looking back, I had her listed as a “winner” of more primary debates than any other candidate. She routinely presented the most comprehensive and detail-oriented plans I’ve ever seen from a presidential candidate. I’ve talked about the ideological and mathematical reasons Warren’s candidacy failed, as well as the gender-based reasons. But for a moment, let’s talk about the fact that she’s not done. In fact she’s probably just getting started.

Warren isn’t endorsing anyone at this time, which is incredibly smart on her part. It means she gets to spend the rest of the race pushing the remaining candidates to veer toward her plans and strategies, in the hope of eventually landing public praise from her while the primary votes are still being cast. It means she’ll be the one to unite the party in the end, by endorsing the eventual nominee. She’ll get to emerge from this with more political clout than ever.

So let’s say Joe Biden becomes President. Elizabeth Warren could end up being his Vice President. If not, she can probably have any cabinet position she wants. In addition, a sizable Biden victory is likely to hand the Democrats majority control in the Senate, meaning Warren could end up Senate Majority Leader if Chuck Schumer passes the baton.

Elizabeth Warren is also fairly young, as far as presidential standards seem to be going. If Joe Biden decides to only serve one term, Warren can run again in four years – and perhaps next time, Democratic voters will stop taking her smarts and savvy for granted. In the meantime, Warren has had an undeniably positive impact on the 2020 race.

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