Embarrassing: GOP Senators try to coddle Donald Trump like a fragile baby as he falls to pieces

With Donald Trump’s numbers now so low that he’s on track to take the Republican Senate down with him, it’s no wonder GOP operatives are now openly discussing the possibility of him dropping out of the 2020 race. It’s also not surprising that Republican Senators are now trying to coddle an increasingly infantile Trump like a baby, in the feeble hope of saving him from himself.

It’s not just that Mike Pence has finally admitted that people should be wearing masks. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander went on CNN and all but begged Donald Trump to start wearing one. Alexander played to Trump’s narcissism, insisting that “millions of Americans admire him” and would therefore wear a mask as well.

It’s notable that Alexander is retiring at the end of this year, so he’s not even begging for his own seat to be saved; he seems to simply be coddling Trump in the feeble hope of saving the GOP from being taken down with Trump.

This comes even as former Vice President Dick Cheney is now insisting that “real men wear masks,” in an obvious shot at Donald Trump’s unwillingness to wear one. It’s not clear the extent to which Trump is refusing to wear a mask because he thinks it’s a wedge issue he can exploit, vs the extent to which Trump is simply too vain to wear one. Either way, even his own joke of a party is worried that his idiocy is going to cost them.

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