Donald Trump just suffered an embarrassing loss in tonight’s primary voting

Donald Trump loves to brag about his supposed record of endorsing Republican candidates who go on to win their primary races. Of course this is largely smoke and mirrors, as Trump likes to endorse Republicans who are already set to win, or who have no viable challengers to begin with. But tonight, Trump took it on the chin.

Donald Trump endorsed Lynda Bennett in the Republican primary race for the vacant seat in North Carolina’s 11th District. But she somehow lost tonight to another Republican, Madison Cawthorn, who’s just barely old enough to be constitutionally eligible to be running. More than one factor goes into any win or loss, but appears to be the latest sign that Trump can’t get his base to turn out for anything.

Of course this is just the primary race. Cawthorn is now the Republican nominee for the North Carolina 11th, and he’ll face Democratic nominee Moe Davis. So if you want to help keep the House in the hands of the Democrats, you’ll want to get behind Davis. You can find out more about his campaign here.

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