Nancy Pelosi knows how this is going to end

Nancy Pelosi drove Trump into a major meltdown because she pointed her finger at him and asked why all Trump’s actions lead straight to Putin. It’s not escaped the Speaker’s notice that Trump pulled our troops from Syria on the exact day of Putin’s birthday. After all, what do you get your master who’s purported to be the richest man on earth, a dictator who has everything including his own Russian Versailles on the Black Sea? You get him all his heart desires that won’t cause you to go to prison. And if you’re a malignant narcissist without a crumb of empathy, you agree to withdraw American troops from some place 7000 miles away that you don’t care about, and give the area over to Erdogan, thus driving the Kurds into the arms of Putin.

Imagine Trump’s surprise to find out his backchannel machinations with Putin are being condemned in the House by a majority, many of those condemnations coming from Republicans. Who knew these Kurd murders were so complicated? I’m sure he figured no one would notice and no one would care. He certainly didn’t care.

But Putin cares. Deeply. He now has his troops overrunning our bases in northern Syria, and I’m sure he laughed when our troops had to drop everything and flee like another Dunkirk. We look weak and stupid, and Vlady can now beat his chest and snort about the Kremlin like a stallion.

Sorry. But Nancy Pelosi isn’t stupid. She just explained the brutally obvious and Trump didn’t take it well. Nancy Pelosi knows how this will end. The impeachment will grind forward with facts and testimony. Trump will be impeached. Upon being voted out of office, he will be arrested and jailed. His conversations with Putin and Putin’s cutouts such as Erdogan will be analyzed by our investigators and the true level of betrayal will finally be clear for all to see. None of this is rocket science. But it does require clear thinking. Nancy Pelosi has this in spades. She’s got this.

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